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People are scurrying around the newsroom, frantically waving papers around and yelling. All televisions are turned to one channel: surveillance. Mr. Hobbs, the manager of the station, is trying to calm people down but it is no use. She has discovered the truth. Or we think she did. Or she is on the brink of discovering the news. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. My life’s, all our lives’, work gone down the drain. I suppose her life has been in the drain since she was born, though. Maybe it’s what we deserve.

I can’t help but remember when this all started. There were protests and court cases, and eventually we won. I never thought we were harming her or depriving her of anything. We gave her the perfect life. People would kill to have her life. People would also kill to set her free. She is free what am I saying? Mr. Hobbs is calling. How are we going to fix it this time?

This assignment is similar to the 4.5 star Fictional Radio Ad audio assignment. However, instead of an advertisement, I made a breaking news announcement/ emergency broadcast. I chose this type of assignment because I wanted to incorporate an emergent feeling to my audio, and what better way to do that than an alarm and an urgent voice? I wanted to put the listener in a real world situation, so I chose to do this kind of recording instead of something like a radio show where it could seem fictional. I wanted this “broadcast” to seem real.

The first step is to think about what you’re going to say and write a short script so the recording sounds professional with no stutters. Then, I searched for an emergency broadcast sound on freesound.org. Search for EAS Alarm to get the sound I used. Once you have found the right recording, click the yellow download button.

Then, open Garageband and choose the voice option.

Next, insert your first sound effect into Garageband. I originally saved the downloaded clip to my desktop and dragged it over into Garageband.

Play the recording by pressing the arrow play button. When the playhead gets to a place you want it after the initial sound effect, press the red circle record button to start recording your broadcast. After you are done speaking, press the record button again to stop recording. Then press the square stop button to stop the playhead from moving.

I then inserted the original EAS Alarm sound effect again at the end of my recording by dragging it from my desktop into Garageband.

At this point I thought I was done, but the recording seemed lacking. I decided I needed a bumper while I was speaking to give it a real breaking news effect. I searched freesound.org for background music and news music until I found one I liked.

This was a really long clip (45 minutes) and it was going to take too long to download. Instead of downloading the clip I inserted a new track into my Garageband file by going to Track > New Track With Duplicate Settings. This creates another area for you to record beneath the current recordings so the current ones don’t get overwritten. Once my new track was created I selected it in the middle panel (mine was called Audio Track 11, and yours will be something similar). Then, have both windows open and click record on Garageband, then click play on freesound.org. I was only recording the bumper during the time I was talking.

After you are happy with the recording, you can save it by going to File > Save As and entering a name for your file. To export to SoundCloud go to Share > Song to SoundCloud…. If you want to save the file as an mp3, you can go to Share > Export Song to Disk… and choose the mp3 option.



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