Everybody Makes Mistakes. Everybody Has Those Days.

Take an actor’s mistake and turn it into an animated GIF.

I found this assignment , worth 2 stars, on someones else’s blog, and was inspired to create my own version because I love blooper reels. I frequently spend time on Youtube looking at my favorite show’s blooper reels. Making this project was the most fun I’ve had because of how much I enjoy watching bloopers in general. I watched a few funny videos in the name of research for this assignment.

It is important to choose a clip that is an obvious physical blooper, because mistakes in dialogue aren’t as noticeable in a GIF, especially if there aren’t captions. I think a physical goof is better able to be represented in GIF form.

I found this blooper from a season 6 blooper reel of The Office, and I had so much fun making it I decided to create another one. The next blooper I created was from a Parks and Rec ultimate blooper reel.

I used the same process as my previous blog posts about GIFs. I chose these two bloopers because The Office and Parks and Rec are two of my favorite funny shows. I wanted to choose a funny show instead of a dramatic one because I figured the bloopers in a funny show would be extra funny.

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