NOT Doing it for the ‘Gram

For my photo safari I just took pictures in my house and some on the front porch. I chose these areas because it was convenient and I figured there would be lots of material to capture. I read the list of photo ideas before starting and immediately thought of a few things that I could photograph that would represent the task. This experience was a little exhilarating once I started. I found that although I kept wanting  to check the clock, I knew it would slow down my picture taking process. I checked the clock twice throughout the fifteen minutes.


I don’t have a camera, so I just took the pictures with my iPhone. I liked taking the more abstract or interestingly angled pictures the best. I found them really fun to take and fascinating to look at. My favorite picture from this safari was the bright light photo. I knew I wanted to point the camera at my kitchen lights (which are very bright) but the end result was not what I had imagined at all. When the camera focused, the filament of the lightbulb came into focus and the background went completely black, except for the two other bulbs in the background of the shot. This took me by surprise and I took the photo without even thinking; I didn’t want the camera to refocus and lose this cool shot!


A few photographs aren’t as self explanatory as the rest, so I wanted to take some time to explain the meaning and process behind those. For my Futuristic photo the subject is the water spout on my fridge. It has an autofill capability where you can just put your cup down, press the button, and walk away while it fills up your cup perfectly. That is by far the most futuristic thing in my house and I am always awed by it. Just don’t put ice in the cup before autofill, or else it will overflow (you only make that mistake once…or twice). For my Joy photo I took a picture of my favorite beach towel. I love the beach and my favorite color is pink, and it just reminds me of happy days. The Through an Opening photo was taken through one of the three holes in a one subject notebook. It actually gave me a nice frame around the otherwise boring photo of my kitchen table that day. In my Converging Lines photo the chair rails in the dining room of my house served a perfect purpose, except I had no other subject for the photo to focus on. I asked my sister to come be in the picture for one second, but she yelled “NO I’M WATCHING NETFLIX!” So I had to settle for a lesser photo.

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