Rest In Peace, Charlie McHue

Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds.

Sound effect story on my SoundCloud

Charlie McHue was a NASCAR driver with a passion for speed. This made him one of the best racers of his time, but was always a sensitive spot in his marriage. His wife, Angela, didn’t like his career; she thought it was dangerous and, quite frankly, stupid. She didn’t understand the rush he got from racing and the simultaneous calm that washed over him on the constant turn of the wheel. He felt at peace on the track, while she was nothing but a ball of nerves watching him from behind his pit stop.

During Charlie’s last race of the summer season, he was up against one of his greatest competitors. Charlie knew if he won this race that he may win so much money that he would never have to work again. He vowed to himself to win this race at all costs so that he could make his wife happy and stop racing for good.

Charlie and his opponent were neck and neck throughout the whole race, until the last lap. Charlie pulled ahead ever so slightly, and had just crossed the finish line when his tire popped and sent him spiraling off the track. His car flipped four times and burst into flames. The whole crowd called out along with Angela’s scream. Charlie survived the crash, but had severe burns and many fractured bones. The ambulances rushed to the center of the track where Charlie’s car laid. He was pinned under the car and paramedics couldn’t get him free for about seven minutes.

Charlie was rushed to surgery and Angela waited in the hospital hallway, alone. After fours hours of pacing and worrying and biting her nails, the doctor came out to update Angela. There was severe internal bleeding and Charlie didn’t make it through surgery.

Angela was stunned; almost too stunned to cry. Charlie was all she had in this world and now he was gone. He had left her his winnings, but she would have given anything to have him back, and even racing if he wanted, she just wanted him alive.


For this 3.5 star assignment I thought it would be an easy(ish) way to ease myself into creating audio assignments. I used the recommended website for free sound effects. I am also using Garageband, because that is what I have installed on my Mac already. I am not very well versed in Garageband, so I configured this recording kind of unconventionally. I was pleased with the final product, especially because it was my first time using Garageband to make this kind of media. I would have liked the transitions between sounds to be more smooth, but I hadn’t quite figured that out yet. I may be kicking myself later for not using Audacity.

First, I thought of the story I wanted to tell. I then opened Garageband and clicked the voice option. 

That will take you to this screen.

I then went to and registered my free account. From there, I searched the sounds that are listed below. There are links to the ones I ultimately chose.

Instead of importing and trimming each sound (I didn’t know how), I had both Garageband and open in two separate windows. I started recording in Garageband (click the red circle button at the top) and then switched to and played the recording from where I wanted it to start.

When you want to stop recording, click the red circle button again. This will stop recording sound. You then need to press the square stop button to stop the recording from moving forward.

Click and drag the vertical white line to determine where you want each new recording to start. Once all the recordings are done, you can trim each section individually by selecting each box and clicking and dragging the edge of it to be as long as you want.  Then, choose file > save as and choose a name for your sound effect story.

Then upload to SoundCloud, or another audio sharing website. You can do this from Garageband by going to share > song to SoundCloud.

4 Replies to “Rest In Peace, Charlie McHue”

  1. This sounded amazing. I really enjoyed how it went from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds. It told an entire story, though I didn’t get the NASCAR part until I started reading the paragraph below. Maybe there would have been a way to include that, for example with cheering people at the start? I know you utilized a crowd after the accident, so I knew there were witnesses. Overall, I enjoyed the story and felt immersed as if it were all flashing before my eyes. It was very easy to visualize with the story that you gave.

  2. When I first listened to this I immediately thought about NASCAR, it’s all my dad watches on the weekends. The story was really gripping, the fast pace changes from scene to scene felt inline with the fast pace sport. I don’t know if that was intentional but it felt right for the story. In closing it was a very good story and explanation, great job.

    1. Yeah, I made it fast intentionally because I wanted to show how quickly life can change. Also, I didn’t want to go over the time limit, but I ended up not even coming close to it!

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