Grass Stains on a White Shirt

Grab a picture of yourself in which your body language, actions, gestures, etc. suggest one thing and then play off that using a speech bubble.

I had a photoshoot before I graduated high school, as many teens do. I decided to invite my best friends along because they were such a huge part of my high school experience it would seem wrong to commemorate high school without them included. I knew I would want to choose one of these pictures because they were good quality and we all looked really happy in them, so I thought it would be funny to make captions that made us seem not-so-happy.


We took the photos in Clifton, Va, which is a cute little rustic town not far from where I live. We had hired an up and coming photographer because 1- a friend had recommended her to us, and 2- her prices were low. When we got to Clifton it was a beautiful spring evening, so there was more than one photoshoot going on in town (think three different groups all trying to get the shot in front of one specific church door). So we had to wait. In the meantime we took pictures on the train tracks that run through town and after about half an hour, it still wasn’t our turn in front of the door (don’t worry we eventually got there and it’s a great door so it was worth the wait). The photographer had a few other ideas, one of which was to lay in the grass and take aerial shots. My friends and I all piled up and she directed us where to put our heads and all our overlapping limbs. I’m not going to lie; this picture was not fun to take.


They were all complaining and I was fed up because it was a privilege that they could be a part of my senior photos. I don’t mind smiling for the camera, but the rest of them aren’t as camera comfortable as I am, which made the situation worse. We were also all wearing white (except Lauren), which was a coincidence Lauren wasn’t too happy about, which made laying on the grass an even less pleasant experience. All in all, the pictures turned out great, but it was a real test of our friendships.


I used this website in order to create my “spubble.” It was very straightforward.

Step 1: Select your pictures and upload it

Step 2: Click the stickers button on the top menu

Step 3: Select the signature collection

Step 4: Add thought bubbles to the photo. Resize and move them by using the arrows in the bottom right corner of the image while it is selected. Make sure to click apply after every change that is made!

Step 5: Click the back button to return to the main menu. Toggle to the right and click on text.

Step 6: Add text, just type in the box. Resize and move the text box just like images were moved! Choose a font and color that works for the photo, then move the text over the thought bubbles. Don’t forget to click apply!


Step 7: The apply button will turn to save after it has been clicked. Choose save and then download the picture. That’s it!


Here are the before and after pictures

This assignment is worth two stars and you can find the original post and instructions here.

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  1. Just add a link back to the original assignment and put the numbers of stars the assignment was. Great Story and explanation of how you created it.

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