Star Donuts

Your goal for this assignment is to take your favorite company’s trademark image or logo and reinterpret it in a way that reflects the design of its enemy. The important thing is to still have the original company’s message and essence within the new design, but masked by the competitor’s look.

This 4.5 star design assignment piqued my interest by the interesting logo that was designed; it combined McDonald’s and Burger King. I immediately wanted to do this assignment because of the cultural relevance of the project, and because creative thinking is required. I love Starbucks and sometimes go to Dunkin’ Donuts, but I am biased towards the more trendy (and expensive) Starbucks.

Once I decided to tackle this assignment I knew I wanted to do a really well known company and it’s slightly lesser counterpart (in my eyes), kind of like the McDonald’s and Burger King example. I chose Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts because in high school people chose either one or the other, so it was a fresh debate in my mind. I also love coffee. I wanted to try my hand at integrating designs, especially with logos. Vignelli’s booklet really connected to this assignment because it gave me tips about design and balance. It also gave specific logo suggestions, like not changing classic and engrained logos. I somewhat challenged this notion by altering the classic logo just a little. I chose to keep Starbucks as the overall logo because I figured it was more universally recognizable. Here’s how I did it!


I first Googled the Starbucks logo, and started with this image.

I then decided to use Powerpoint because I had tools in mind that I knew that application had. I started with a blank Powerpoint slide and imported the original Starbucks logo. The first editing step was to insert > basic shapes > donut onto the slide. When the donut is selected, alter the color to match the green logo. I did this by trial and error until I got to a color that was close to the original green.

Next, insert > textbox >wordart and type Dunkin’ into the box. While that box is selected go to effects > transform > arch up to make the text curve.

Then insert another textbox and write Donuts, but this time choose arch down. Next, insert > shapes > stars & banners > 5 point star to add the stars back to the logo. Color the star white, then copy and paste that star onto the other side of the circle.


Then, go to insert > shapes > basic shapes > oval and click and drag to make a circle around the mermaid.

While the circle is selected, click the paint bucket and choose no fill.

Keeping the circle selected, click the pencil and choose white as the color of the outline. Then select line weight and choose a thick option that fits best.

After this step the editing is done. Make sure to save as a JPEG or PNG file so that it will save as one image.



2 Replies to “Star Donuts”

  1. This looks really good!!! It looks like one of those things where you’d see it and you’d have to do a double-take, like, “wait a minute here…..” lol. Your instructions are so easy to follow too, I’m surprised this was done in Powerpoint and not some image editing software. I wanted to do this assignment but the description made it sound kind of intimidating. Maybe I’ll try it now!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! I’m not very good at using editing software so that’s why I opted for the more simplistic Powerpoint,but it still works! Give it a try it was really fun and made me think.

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