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When The Jenna Show first aired in 1998 we weren’t sure how long it would last. The overarching attitudes toward the concept of the show were mixed. Some people loved it, some people hated, and some people didn’t care at all. The first few years saw ups and downs as viewership would climb and plummet overnight for seemingly no reason at all. None of the producers could figure out why our audiences weren’t stable.

We then realized in the third year that our advertising had been lacking. Sure, before the show aired there were ads on television, billboards, busses, you name it. But we assumed that a 24 hour always live show wouldn’t need much advertising at all. Well, we were wrong. Some of the production team made the switch over to advertising, including me. This poster is our most recent ad. It is in circulation around cities and towns all over the world. We like to send them to any place with a television.

Since out first poster was designed in 2001 there has been a yearly advertisement campaign to update the public on Jenna’s current look. These are also great for our archives. Sometimes we do holiday special posters. We have even started a collectable edition that people can redeem for a spot as an extra on the show! This initiative has really bumped up viewership and audience approval. Right now we are at an all time high with a 97% viewership approval! Unfortunately, the other 3% is quite loud.

I was inspired by the poster visual assignments. I wanted to make  poster to show how the rest of the world views Jenna. I chose a picture like this because I didn’t want it to look too smiley and posed, as Jenna isn’t staged in the show. I also new I wanted black and white because I wanted the focus to be all on Jenna and not on the colors of the poster. I also wanted a minimal design for those purposes as well.


The first step is to choose a picture for the poster. Then open a new GIMP window and click and drag the chosen picture into GIMP.

To make the picture black and white, go to image > mode > grayscale.

I then made the picture a little brighter by going to colors > brightness-contrast and sliding the brightness bar up to 33. Click OK to apply this setting.

I was clicking around different GIMP features and came across the Posterize effect. I really like it and decided to keep it, as I am making a poster. To get the effect go to colors > posterize.

Once you click posterize, slide the bar until the image is how you want it. Click OK to apply this effect.

To add a text box click the A icon in the toolbox. Then click and drag on the picture to make a text box. 

To change the style of the text, highlight the text. You can increase font size by the middle box, change the text color by the bottom right black box, and change to italics using the A button. I also added another text box to the bottom of the poster to tell information about the show. I used the same process as this text uses.

To insert the logo I made in another assignment, I just clicked and dragged it into the window like my first step. If it doesn’t show up, try to add a new layer by going to layer > new layer and then dragging the logo on.

To move an object around the screen select the move tool, this looks like arrows pointing in four directions from the toolbox. Then click and drag the desired object. To resize and object, select the scale tool, which is a box with a diagonal arrow through it, from the toolbox. This will open a new window with scale measurements. The move tool is highlighted below on top, while the scale tool is highlighted below on the bottom.


To save the final product go to file > save as. To save the file as a .png or .jpeg go to file > export and select the preferred settings.


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