Through My Eye(s)

For my second visual assignment I chose Can You See What I See, worth 3.5 stars. I followed one of the tutorials already posted on the ds106 site. I used all the steps for, then I used GIMP instead of photoshop for the rest of the process.


I knew when I saw this assignment that I wanted to do it because I knew I had this picture of my eye that was perfect for the job, and I’m not too advanced with photo manipulation yet, so this seemed like a good project to get my feet wet.


Over winter break 2016 I visited the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. While my younger sister complained the whole time we were there (and mind you, we were there for her soccer tournament) I had a wonderful time and took so many pictures of the gorgeous scenery and buildings. We walked around town, took a trolley tour, did a ghost walk, met Forrest Gump, and marveled at the old buildings. One of my favorites was the oldest Reform Synagogue (in North America? The east coast? Savannah? I can’t remember which one). It was a very tall building with stately arches and big, heavy doors. It resembled one of the many churches around, save for a Star of David instead of a cross on it’s highest point.


I chose this photo to be the reflection in my eye because it really was the reflection there once, and it was awe inspiring to stand under. I wanted to replicate how I felt in that moment, standing under part of my history, in this picture.

After following the instructions for, open the image in GIMP. Then use the smudge tool to soften the edges of the image within the eye and swipe the cursor around to blend the two layers together.

The top of the image inside the eye overlapped my top eyelid, so I then used the dodge/burn tool and clicked a few times (not swiping like when using the smudge tool) over where the image overlaps the eyelid.

The dodge/burn tool made my eyelid lighter than I had anticipated, so I then used the smudge tool again and swiped over the lighter area to blend it with the rest of the eyelid.

Here are the two separate images that were used to create this assignment

Synagogue in Savannah, GA
Uncropped, unedited photo


Unblended Version

Image Without Blending

Final Version

Image With Blending

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