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This week’s mandatory assignment was very daunting to me. I am not proficient at extensively editing pictures, so I needed some guidance. I found a tutorial using GIMP, which is what I use, on another blog. This made me feel much less overwhelmed by the project by giving simple, step by step instructions. I did do some things differently, but I never would have known where to start without the other blog post.

Take an existing image and change the concept in where you are at and what you are doing.

Two Original Photos:


Final Product:

I chose these two pictures to combine because they were two of my favorite memories of 2016. The background is a photo of UMW’s campus during our one (lame) snow day this past year, and the second picture is of my best friend Meredith and me in the Bahamas last summer. Meredith lives 5 hours away from me and I don’t see her a lot, but the summer before we both went to college we took a cruise with my family to the Bahamas. I made some of my favorite memories there, like swimming in bright blue waters with dolphins, watching Star Wars in the middle of the ocean, and 24/7 soft serve ice cream service.

I have also made amazing memories and new friends during my first year at UMW, especially on this snow day. My friends and I just hung out and enjoyed our short reprieve from classes in the cold. I also chose these pictures because they are from two opposing climates; the Caribbean beach and a Virginia campus in snow. I thought it would be a more interesting picture to have these two opposites joined together.


The first step is to import the photo you want to cut out into GIMP. Then, using the free select tool, that looks like a lasso, click and drag around the image you want to cut out. I cut out the two people.

Then, right click and select edit > cut

Next, open a new GIMP file and import the photo you want as your background.

Right click on the photo and select edit > paste as > new layer, which will add your previous cut image to the top layer of this image.

While the new layer is still selected, right click and select layer > scale layer which will allow you to increase or decrease the size of the new layer to fit the background.

You can then move the cut and scaled image by selecting the move tool, which looks like fours arrows pointing up, down, left, and right. Just click and drag the image to where you want it.

Then use the zoom tool, that looks like a magnifying glass, to zoom in to about 200%.

Now, using the eraser tool, click and drag over the pixelated edges of the cut image. Just go slow and do little by little. This part doesn’t have to be perfect!

Then use the blur tool, that looks like a water drop, to click and drag over the edges that were just erased so that they can be smoothed out.

At this point, zoom out and male sure the picture looks good. I then saved my image and exported it as a JPEG or PNG file. I then uploaded the image to fotor.com to edit my picture and make the two layers blend together. I mainly made the overall color cooler and lowered the saturation. Then I downloaded the finished image, and it’s all done!

Happy editing!

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