Year 19. Month 1. Day 21.

I am the head of surveillance at The Jenna Show. This is the video report log for year 19-month 1-day 21 during the time slot 1942-2041 hours. I have many people under my department, and we have on of the most essential jobs at the show. We make sure that everyone are in their positions when they need to be. In other words, when Jenna is around or approaching, we send the signal to stay in character.

There are cameras set up in disguise all over town and even more in the places Jenna frequents, like the coffee shop, bookstore, school, and her house. Some of the cameras masquerade as other objects, sometimes plants or light bulbs, but other times they are hidden in plain sight. There are cameras in Jenna’s house and school and some around town that look like security cameras.


This 4 star assignment┬áis similar to what I did here. The techniques used would be the same for making a documentary and making this video here. I wanted to show a “behind the scenes” look into the show. Showing how the cameras are hidden, as well as in plain sight, is essential to the concept of the show. I also included the different perspectives here to show how Jenna (me) is always under surveillance from all angles.

The first step is to open a new iMovie. Click create then movie.

Next, import the media. Click the import media plus sign and select all the files to import, then click import selected.

Click and drag all the imported videos from the my media box down to manipulate them. If some clips are too long, they can be altered by navigating the playhead to where the clip should be cut. Then click modify > split clip. Then select the clip to discard and click the delete key.

To get the surveillance feel to the video I added a filter and time stamp to it. To add a filter go to clip filter & audio effects which looks like three overlapping circles above the video preview.

While a clip is selected, go to clip filter and choose Raster. Do this for every clip.

To add the time stamp, go to the Titles menu option. Then click and drag date/time onto the beginning of every clip.

After the video is finished, save it by going to file > share > file… and giving the project a name.

The last step is to upload the video to Youtube. Just log into your account and click the upload button, then choose the file to upload. Wait for the video to upload, then choose a thumbnail and hit publish.


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