The Jenna Show

The concept for The Jenna Show came about in a meeting of producers from several reality tv networks in the mid 1990’s. Their ratings were consistently falling and reality tv wasn’t bringing in the big bucks like it had in the past. The only problem was, about half the channels on tv were all owned by a massive reality tv company, Greenbrier Productions. Even though they were failing, they had so much inventory no one could afford to buy them out. Greenbrier started looking at outside solutions and taking polls from the most and least watched communities. The common thread: reality tv was becoming too staged. No one believed that these people weren’t acting or that shows weren’t scripted. Greenbrier decided that they had to create an atmosphere that wasn’t fake, and they decided that the only way to do that was to put someone in a reality show that didn’t know they were there. Since Greenbrier didn’t have enough money left to do this on their own, all the other networks joined forces, with the stipulation that they would get a fair percentage of the profits while Greenbrier controlled everything.

Greenbrier decided it was best to use a baby, so they would grow up knowing nothing different and not risk arousing suspicion. They hired different teams to build the biggest, most elaborate set in the world, create logos for the show, brainstorm titles for the show, and seek a main character. Greenbrier decided it was best to choose an orphaned child, since the rest of the family couldn’t join in the show. They found several candidates from the United States and waited to see which one was best in front of cameras. The show couldn’t be released yet because the title was based on the name of the child, and there were some legal problems to attend to. The production had hired lawyers because this concept was groundbreaking and sure to upset some people. The lawyers said that getting a baby wouldn’t be illegal as long as the guardian gave consent. The problem was when the child turned eighteen. They would have to give their own consent to be on the show, and they wouldn’t even know that they had been on a show for the past eighteen years. The CEO of Greenbrier laughed when he heard this; the longest running reality show had lasted eight years, and the next longest had only lasted three. He was thinking that this show would be over and his company save long before the child turned eighteen.

The first child to be given consent by their guardian was an orphan named Jenna. Thus, The Jenna Show was born. This was the winning logo that Greenbrier decided to represent the show. The artist of this design became rich and famous because of how many people wanted to hire the man who designed the “face” of The Jenna Show.

The first few years of the show saw good ratings only at important childhood moments like first words, first steps, and so on. Greenbrier was getting worried that he had dug an even deeper hole for himself. One of his marketing advisors had been sent to see what was going on, and he came back with the information that people in remote towns and cities alike weren’t all that knowledgable about The Jenna Show. People just hadn’t heard of it. Greenbrier had wanted to keep it hushed during the primary stages so protests wouldn’t occur, but now it was too hushed. They started a marketing campaign, at first doing a yearly advertisement for the show depicting Jenna growing up. As the show gained popularity quickly, special edition posters allowed the recipients of them to be a guest extra on the show. The most recent poster shows Jenna at almost eighteen years old.

Meanwhile, Jenna is growing up happy and healthy. The country has seen her every day and every night since she was a month old, and they know her like a their own child or sibling. She loves her small town with it’s parks and all the neighbors knowing her name when she bikes to school. Jenna is (almost) top of her first grade class and wants a pet dog more than anything. Most of what Jenna gets to do/ have are voted on by the audience. Luckily and unbeknownst to her, Jenna wins and gets a puppy. Her “parents” aren’t happy about that because they’re both allergic. Jenna notices this, and also notices that she doesn’t seem like her parents all that much. They have tan skin and all she does is turn red in the sun, and their hair is stick straight while hers is curly. She wonders if she is adopted, but never asks for fear of upsetting her parents, and fear of finding out the truth.

Throughout her life Jenna is happy, but faces a lot of identity issues. Her parents don’t ever tell her much about her grandparents, who she has never met, or how they met each other, they don’t even have wedding photos. All the photos of them together start when Jenna is about a month old. Her mother says all the older photos were lost in a fire that destroyed the house they used to live in. However, Jenna cannot find a record of any houses burning down in their town within the past twenty years.

As Jenna grows up she becomes more and more aware of how different she is from her parents, and it seems like everyone around her is watching her every move. Sometimes she’ll see someone new in town who just stares at her, like they’re waiting for her to do something. As she gets older she spends more and more time at the library, partially because of her love to read, but more so because no one can bother her there. One day she stumbles upon a door she’s never seen before. She thought she knew every inch of this library, so she is intrigued and opens the door to find a small room with a file cabinet that is slightly ajar. It seems like she isn’t supposed to be in there. Jenna leans down to inspect the open drawer and finds at least fifteen VHS tapes. She picks one up to see what it is, and on it is a label that reads: The Jenna Show; Video Log 6,965. She gasps, then hears footsteps approaching so she stuffs the tape in her backpack and runs home.

In her basement at home she finds and old VCR and pops in the tape. She can’t believe what she sees.

It was her. It was her from yesterday. In her house. Jenna was shaken and didn’t know what to do. When her parents got home she told them and they both turned white. They made up some excuse about a new security system they had installed and forgotten to tell her about. Jenna almost believed them, but then remembered that she found the videos in some weird room in the library. Why would her family’s security tapes be there? And if it was a new system, why were there so many tapes?

Jenna could not shake this incident. Every day she went back to the library to try and find that room, but she couldn’t. After a week, everyone in town had started avoiding her and the town shut down the library for renovations. Jenna knew she had to get out of town and figure this out, but she didn’t know how. She asked her parents if they could go on vacation, just for a weekend. They had never been on vacation before. Her parents said no, they couldn’t afford it right now. Jenna thought “probably because you spent all that money you don’t have on a fancy new security system.” Jenna started to raise money by herself so her parents had no excuse to not leave.

Every time Jenna got close to a substantial amount of money it was lost or stolen. The first time it was stolen from Jenna’s bedroom when she left the window open. Jenna was kicking herself for being so careless. It was odd, though, that before that incident the town had a crime rate of zero for the past eighteen years. The next time Jenna had almost all the money she needed, a strong wind ripped down her street and blew all the money right out of her bag. At last, Jenna thought to put the remaining money in the bank. About a month later she finally had enough saved up for a family vacation. As she was about to tell her parents the good news, they sat her down to tell her “something important.” Someone had stolen her identity and gained access to her bank account. Once again, all was lost.

Jenna decided then and there that there was someone trying to make sure she didn’t leave town. That night she snuck out of bed and into the forest that surrounded town. She face many obstacles like blocked roads, fallen trees, and even a loud siren announcing a storm warning, though the sky looked clear to her. Little did Jenna know that this was no storm warning. It was an emergency broadcast to the crew of the show.

Soon enough Jenna could sense that the town had woken up. She started to run. She knew the forest only surrounded the town for five miles on each side, and she had been walking for an hour already. She knew she was close to the edge of the forrest and suddenly…she ran face first into a wall. She hadn’t seen it, it was camouflaged to look like the forrest. She panicked. Where was the end of the forrest? Did it even have and end? She ran along the wall to find an opening until she was so tired she collapsed. Her parents and a search party found her a few minutes later.

Luckily for Jenna, the dawn ushered in her eighteenth birthday. She now needed to give her own consent for being on the show, which had been running her whole life, making the reality networks rich and Greenbrier richer. Her parents said they would take her home, but Jenna watched them pass her house and head toward the library. They took her to the little room where a man came in and told her everything. Then he opened another door hidden in the room and ushered Jenna through it. They emerged into a room covered floor to ceiling in windows. Jenna had never seen anything like it. No, not the windows; through the windows and many stories below them was a city. Jenna was so disoriented. Weren’t they just in the library? The library was at the lowest point of town, how were they suddenly up this high? Her town, the set, had been built in a skyscraper so Jenna would never hear any of the sounds street level may have produced, or the protests that were small but regularly going on outside the building. Most surprisingly, she saw poster and billboards of her face plastered all over the city. She was…famous?

After eighteen years, most of which were spent in confusion, Jenna was finally free. She could go anywhere she wanted, and go to the actual place not just a set. She never needed to work again because she had sued the network for misleading her and won about half the network’s worth. That was enough money for three lifetimes and then some. Jenna spent the rest of her life traveling the world and seeing every place she had ever dreamed of.


The World is Watching

When The Jenna Show first aired in 1998 we weren’t sure how long it would last. The overarching attitudes toward the concept of the show were mixed. Some people loved it, some people hated, and some people didn’t care at all. The first few years saw ups and downs as viewership would climb and plummet overnight for seemingly no reason at all. None of the producers could figure out why our audiences weren’t stable.

We then realized in the third year that our advertising had been lacking. Sure, before the show aired there were ads on television, billboards, busses, you name it. But we assumed that a 24 hour always live show wouldn’t need much advertising at all. Well, we were wrong. Some of the production team made the switch over to advertising, including me. This poster is our most recent ad. It is in circulation around cities and towns all over the world. We like to send them to any place with a television.

Since out first poster was designed in 2001 there has been a yearly advertisement campaign to update the public on Jenna’s current look. These are also great for our archives. Sometimes we do holiday special posters. We have even started a collectable edition that people can redeem for a spot as an extra on the show! This initiative has really bumped up viewership and audience approval. Right now we are at an all time high with a 97% viewership approval! Unfortunately, the other 3% is quite loud.

I was inspired by the poster visual assignments. I wanted to make  poster to show how the rest of the world views Jenna. I chose a picture like this because I didn’t want it to look too smiley and posed, as Jenna isn’t staged in the show. I also new I wanted black and white because I wanted the focus to be all on Jenna and not on the colors of the poster. I also wanted a minimal design for those purposes as well.


The first step is to choose a picture for the poster. Then open a new GIMP window and click and drag the chosen picture into GIMP.

To make the picture black and white, go to image > mode > grayscale.

I then made the picture a little brighter by going to colors > brightness-contrast and sliding the brightness bar up to 33. Click OK to apply this setting.

I was clicking around different GIMP features and came across the Posterize effect. I really like it and decided to keep it, as I am making a poster. To get the effect go to colors > posterize.

Once you click posterize, slide the bar until the image is how you want it. Click OK to apply this effect.

To add a text box click the A icon in the toolbox. Then click and drag on the picture to make a text box. 

To change the style of the text, highlight the text. You can increase font size by the middle box, change the text color by the bottom right black box, and change to italics using the A button. I also added another text box to the bottom of the poster to tell information about the show. I used the same process as this text uses.

To insert the logo I made in another assignment, I just clicked and dragged it into the window like my first step. If it doesn’t show up, try to add a new layer by going to layer > new layer and then dragging the logo on.

To move an object around the screen select the move tool, this looks like arrows pointing in four directions from the toolbox. Then click and drag the desired object. To resize and object, select the scale tool, which is a box with a diagonal arrow through it, from the toolbox. This will open a new window with scale measurements. The move tool is highlighted below on top, while the scale tool is highlighted below on the bottom.


To save the final product go to file > save as. To save the file as a .png or .jpeg go to file > export and select the preferred settings.


Year 19. Month 1. Day 21.

I am the head of surveillance at The Jenna Show. This is the video report log for year 19-month 1-day 21 during the time slot 1942-2041 hours. I have many people under my department, and we have on of the most essential jobs at the show. We make sure that everyone are in their positions when they need to be. In other words, when Jenna is around or approaching, we send the signal to stay in character.

There are cameras set up in disguise all over town and even more in the places Jenna frequents, like the coffee shop, bookstore, school, and her house. Some of the cameras masquerade as other objects, sometimes plants or light bulbs, but other times they are hidden in plain sight. There are cameras in Jenna’s house and school and some around town that look like security cameras.


This 4 star assignment is similar to what I did here. The techniques used would be the same for making a documentary and making this video here. I wanted to show a “behind the scenes” look into the show. Showing how the cameras are hidden, as well as in plain sight, is essential to the concept of the show. I also included the different perspectives here to show how Jenna (me) is always under surveillance from all angles.

The first step is to open a new iMovie. Click create then movie.

Next, import the media. Click the import media plus sign and select all the files to import, then click import selected.

Click and drag all the imported videos from the my media box down to manipulate them. If some clips are too long, they can be altered by navigating the playhead to where the clip should be cut. Then click modify > split clip. Then select the clip to discard and click the delete key.

To get the surveillance feel to the video I added a filter and time stamp to it. To add a filter go to clip filter & audio effects which looks like three overlapping circles above the video preview.

While a clip is selected, go to clip filter and choose Raster. Do this for every clip.

To add the time stamp, go to the Titles menu option. Then click and drag date/time onto the beginning of every clip.

After the video is finished, save it by going to file > share > file… and giving the project a name.

The last step is to upload the video to Youtube. Just log into your account and click the upload button, then choose the file to upload. Wait for the video to upload, then choose a thumbnail and hit publish.


Almost Famous

The Jenna Show has been on air for 19 years, 1 month, and 21 days. It all started when Jenna was born. She was to be the main character of the show, and grow up with everyone watching. She wouldn’t be acting, and the audience loved her for it. They all knew her like a best friend, a sister even, but she didn’t really know anyone.

She had always wanted to travel, but her parents “couldn’t afford” to send her anywhere. When she turned 18, she started fundraising so she could visit somewhere other than her small town. It seemed to her like no one else had ever left that town. Her fundraising efforts had to be dismantled. We had cast and crew steal the money, we had special effects wind blow it away, we even had her identity stolen once she started using the bank. That was the only thing I ever regretted about this show. I never felt that we were depriving her of anything until that day.

Anyways, I don’t have much to do with the show anymore. I just designed the logo. I designed it to be blue and pink because we originally didn’t know whether it would be a boy or girl on the show. My career has taken off as a graphic designer after The Jenna Show first aired. I will be forever grateful to her, though she will never know me.

I chose this 4 star assignment because I wanted to make a logo for the “show.” I wanted it to be simple and represent what the show is about (basically constant surveillance). I was happy to find a pre-made logo with these colors because they are two of my favorite colors. I wanted to make something that was unmistakable as The Jenna Show, and something that people would remember.


I used to create this logo. First, I added the text by clicking the T text button. I typed in The Jenna Show.

I then chose a font. I selected the Handwriting category then the Rock Salt font. I wanted something easy to read but that would also stand out.

I then navigated to the search bar at the top lefthand corner of the screen and searched “camera.”

I selected the logo I liked best. I then resized it by dragging the corners or the logo, just like in  Powerpoint.

I then moved the text by clicking and dragging the text box to the center of the video camera. Then I changed the color of the text by highlighting the text and using the color wheel on the bottom right hand corner to match the words to the pink of the camera.

You can then click the save button in the upper right hand corner, and choose the free option!




Clip on SoundCloud

People are scurrying around the newsroom, frantically waving papers around and yelling. All televisions are turned to one channel: surveillance. Mr. Hobbs, the manager of the station, is trying to calm people down but it is no use. She has discovered the truth. Or we think she did. Or she is on the brink of discovering the news. Anyways, it doesn’t matter. My life’s, all our lives’, work gone down the drain. I suppose her life has been in the drain since she was born, though. Maybe it’s what we deserve.

I can’t help but remember when this all started. There were protests and court cases, and eventually we won. I never thought we were harming her or depriving her of anything. We gave her the perfect life. People would kill to have her life. People would also kill to set her free. She is free what am I saying? Mr. Hobbs is calling. How are we going to fix it this time?

This assignment is similar to the 4.5 star Fictional Radio Ad audio assignment. However, instead of an advertisement, I made a breaking news announcement/ emergency broadcast. I chose this type of assignment because I wanted to incorporate an emergent feeling to my audio, and what better way to do that than an alarm and an urgent voice? I wanted to put the listener in a real world situation, so I chose to do this kind of recording instead of something like a radio show where it could seem fictional. I wanted this “broadcast” to seem real.

The first step is to think about what you’re going to say and write a short script so the recording sounds professional with no stutters. Then, I searched for an emergency broadcast sound on Search for EAS Alarm to get the sound I used. Once you have found the right recording, click the yellow download button.

Then, open Garageband and choose the voice option.

Next, insert your first sound effect into Garageband. I originally saved the downloaded clip to my desktop and dragged it over into Garageband.

Play the recording by pressing the arrow play button. When the playhead gets to a place you want it after the initial sound effect, press the red circle record button to start recording your broadcast. After you are done speaking, press the record button again to stop recording. Then press the square stop button to stop the playhead from moving.

I then inserted the original EAS Alarm sound effect again at the end of my recording by dragging it from my desktop into Garageband.

At this point I thought I was done, but the recording seemed lacking. I decided I needed a bumper while I was speaking to give it a real breaking news effect. I searched for background music and news music until I found one I liked.

This was a really long clip (45 minutes) and it was going to take too long to download. Instead of downloading the clip I inserted a new track into my Garageband file by going to Track > New Track With Duplicate Settings. This creates another area for you to record beneath the current recordings so the current ones don’t get overwritten. Once my new track was created I selected it in the middle panel (mine was called Audio Track 11, and yours will be something similar). Then, have both windows open and click record on Garageband, then click play on I was only recording the bumper during the time I was talking.

After you are happy with the recording, you can save it by going to File > Save As and entering a name for your file. To export to SoundCloud go to Share > Song to SoundCloud…. If you want to save the file as an mp3, you can go to Share > Export Song to Disk… and choose the mp3 option.



Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Where do your shoes take you in a day? Tell a story using a video of only your shoes!

For my last assignment (4 stars) I decided to make a movie of everywhere I travelled in a day. This assignment caught my eye because I like to watch vlogs, which is basically a day on video. Mine was a more simplistic version of that including just my feet. The original assignment specifies shoes, but I was barefoot a lot of the time on the day I filmed and I decided that was just as good.

When I woke up we relaxed basically all morning and there wasn’t much footage of that. I started a puzzle, but quickly gave up on it. Then around one I headed out to the beach. I laid on the beach and read for about two and half hours, and was rudely interrupted by some guy who wanted to take our picture. I was actually shocked that he started talking to me because I was literally facedown in the sand reading a book. Rude.

Anyways, after the beach we went to the store for some pre-dinner appetizers. We came back and played a bunch of outdoor games like corn hole and Kan-Jam and had a nice happy hour. It was such a nice happy hour that we ate so much we didn’t have dinner until 9 pm.

Everyone had burgers and fruit, and then we hunkered down for the rest of the night and played games. We played truth or dare, Jenga, and lots of different card games. It was a very fun beach day, and luckily the only work I had to do was a daily create!

I created this video using iMovie. When iMovie is first opened, select create new > movie.

Select the my movie menu option and then import media.

Choose the files that will be included in the movie, the click import selected.

Drag and drop the imported files in the order you want them to appear to the lower section of the screen. To cut clips, move the playhead to where the cut should happen and select modify > split clip. That will split one clip into two, and then one can be deleted.

Once all the clips are in order, transitions can be added. A simple cross dissolve transition can be added by selecting the clip you want and clicking edit > add cross dissolve.

More complex transitions can be accessed by clicking transitions in the menu.

Once the video is done, it is time to add opening and closing credits. To do this select titles from the menu. Then choose an opening title you like. For the closing credits, choose scrolling credits.

I needed to cut the sound out of some of my clips, so I selected the clips individually and clicked modify > mute audio.

I then added background music. Go to audio > effects > theme music. Then click and drag whichever song you want onto the clips it should apply to.

To save the project go to file > share > file…

The last step is to upload the movie to Youtube. To do this, log into your Youtube account and click the upload button. Then select the movie and click upload. This may take a while! After it is done uploading select a thumbnail and click publish.

Then you are done!

How I Ended Up Here

Compile your favorite photos from your experiences, trips, hobbies etc and make them into a video. Try to organize them chronologically to tell your story as you work your way through college. Make the video at least two minutes.

This 4.5 star assignment was on the first page of video assignments for this week. I decided to do it because I love taking photos and I know I have a lot from my first year at college. I also thought it would be nice to have this video in the future to be able to look back on all the best memories I made during my first year of college.

Going to college was a very weird experience. There was so much freedom I had never experienced before and so much responsibility. I handled my workload pretty well, but making new friends was pretty hard at first. I knew a couple of people going into college (literally two people) but I wasn’t really friends with them. I usually ate breakfast alone, which to be honest I was perfectly fine with, because I am NOT a morning person. Lunch and dinner were trickier, because it seemed like everyone already had friends and I still didn’t really know anybody.

I eventually ate lunch with people I had classes with right before lunchtime and became better friends with them. I wasn’t good friends with my roommate, and while I ate with her at the beginning of school and did some stuff with her, we didn’t interact much. About a month had gone by and I didn’t have good friends. I had some really nice acquaintances, and I tried to hang out with them as much as possible, even if it was a little awkward at first.

I became really good friends with three people in my FSEM that lived in my dorm (FSEM served its exact purpose in our cases) and we hung out and ate together almost every day. I met my best friend in my FSEM class, and she introduced me to more people, and now we’re all rooming together next year. I honestly didn’t know anyone at the beginning of the year, and even a month or two into the year, that I would be comfortable rooming with. Now, I have so many new friends that I never would have had if it weren’t for UMW. If I could give one piece of advice to incoming freshmen it would be this: do not give up trying to make friends. It will take a while and you will feel lonely at the beginning. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! I have pictures to prove it 🙂

These directions work for Apple products. First, open the photos application. Then click projects > + > slideshow.

Create a title for the slideshow, click OK, and then select the photos you want. Once all the photos are selected you can choose a theme for the slideshow.

To change the order that pictures appear, just click and drag the photo you want to move to the place you want it to be moved to. To edit a picture in the slideshow, double click on the picture. This window will appear. When you are done editing click done.

To add captions to slides, select + > add text. Then just type directly onto the slideshow where the text box appears.

In order to get a closing slide in my slideshow, I made a Powerpoint slide with all the closing credits. I then took a screen shot of the slide by clicking command – shift – 4. Then insert it into the slideshow by navigating to the very last picture and clicking + > add photo.

To adjust the speed of the slideshow click the stopwatch icon and slide the custom bar until it is the total speed you want.

When you are happy with your slideshow, click export > save. Be patient while it exports the project. I saved mine in movies to later be uploaded to Youtube.

To upload to Youtube, log into your channel and click upload.

Then choose the movie you want to upload. Again, be patient. This will take a few minutes. Then you can choose a thumbnail and click publish.

If Emma Watson Says it then it Must be True

Take a song and some speech and remix both. Make it meaningful and give it a message.


I think every woman I know has fallen victim to gender inequality, whether that be a cat-call, unequal pay or respect in the work place, or much worse. It is time that everyone comes together to better our world for women and for us all. There is literally no downside when women are equal to men. Now for some personal anecdotes that may allow others who have not experienced these inequalities to see it through my eyes.

Once I was walking through town with my friends on summer vacation. We were on a road trip after we had just graduated high school. While we were crossing the street (it was evening but still light out and there were plenty of other pedestrians) we passed by a U-Haul moving van with two men inside. Their windows were open and as we passed by the driver said to us “Hey, wanna get in the back?” What a disgusting and inappropriate comment to say to anyone, let alone 17 and 18 year old girls. My mom’s boss told her she was overreacting because she used an exclamation point in an urgent email. I have listened to my male friends make jokes about and judge women’s bodies, and then was told to “not be so sensitive” when I told them to stop. I asked my boyfriend the other day if he was ever taught to hold his car keys in his fist, pointing out through his fingers so if anyone were to try and harm him he would be able to defend himself. He looked at me very confused and said no. Of course he wouldn’t have been taught that. Boys aren’t taught things like that. But it was one of the first things I was taught when I got my license.

I chose this 4.5 star assignment because it was similar to the last assignment I had done and I wanted to further my practice with editing audio together. I was hoping that my mistakes in the previous assignment would lend me some guidance in attempting this one. I was Googling around for short speeches, and nothing was really resonating with me. Then I stumbled across Emma Watson’s UN speech. I had seen it when it first came out and while watching it I was quickly reminded how important her speech is for everyone to hear. I knew I would choose this speech, as feminism is something I loudly and proudly support.

Next I had to choose a song. I didn’t want to choose a song without lyrics, because that would 1) make the assignment too easy, and 2) not give as much depth and meaning to the final product. I chose Imagine by John Lennon because it is a slow song with a really similar message to Watson’s speech. I was originally going to cut out the lyrics as Watson was speaking and only play lyrics in pauses, but I liked how the whole song sounded layered underneath her speech. I think it adds hopefulness to her speech. I chose Imagine because to me it has the same message as Watson’s speech: imagine the world as a better place, where everyone lives in harmony and equality.

To create this in Garageband, I first downloaded the songs using a youtube to mp3 site . Just copy and paste the URL of the Youtube video into the website, click start then download.  I save the mp3 files to my desktop so they’re easier to import into Garageband later.

Next, open Garageband and choose voice. (I use voice for everything, it is the least cluttered interface and gets the job done)

Click and drag the two audio files from the desktop into Garageband. Then trim the audio to where you want the speech and song to begin and end. To do this, select the file you want to cut by clicking on it. Move the vertical white line to the spot you want to cut, then click edit > split regions at playhead. This will split the audio box that is selected at the line. You can then select the parts of the file you don’t want and just hit delete on the keyboard.

Now we have to adjust the volume. I wanted the background music to be quieter than the speech. To do this click show/hide animation, which are the two connected dots highlighted blue in the picture below.

Once show/hide animation is selected, when you click on a track a yellow line will appear. This represents the level of volume.

Click and drag the line to move it up or down. To fade out the end of the song, scroll over to where the track ends. Then click a few seconds before and right where the track ends (basically where you want the start and end of the fade to be). This will create two little yellow dots. Click and drag the last dot all the way down. This diagonal line represents the volume gradually being turned down.

Then, save by going to file > save as and upload the song to Soundcloud by going to share > song to Soundcloud.

To export the .band file to an mp3, go to share > export song to disk and choose the mp3 option.

Dear Jolene…

Find a cover of a song and combine it with the original version of the song to create a new/remixed version of the song. After you’ve finished remixing your version, listen to it and see what kind of emotion it now makes you feel.

In the early 1970’s, when Dolly Parton and her husband had been married just a few happy years, Dolly started touring. While she was away on tour a bank clerk named Jolene would flirt with her husband. Dolly’s best friend alerted her of the situation and Dolly came straight back home to Nashville.

After confronting her husband and hearing that the allegations were true, Dolly gave him more than just a piece of her mind. She went to the bank where Jolene worked, and tried to ask her politely and quietly to back off. Jolene did not respond to Dolly’s pleas.

Dolly then asked to speak to a manager. Jolene had a history of trouble with her female clients, so she wasn’t happy to show Dolly to her boss. Well, they went to the manager and Dolly told him that Jolene had been refusing to do business with her, and would only see her husband, which was pretty much true. Well Jolene got an earful from her boss that day and never did cross that line again. Much to her dismay, the matter was not at rest. A couple years later the single Jolene came out, and everyone in town knew exactly who it was about.

I was drawn to this 4 star assignment  because I wanted to learn a little more about Garageband and try out some simple techniques like cutting and splicing songs that I hadn’t tried before. I also really love listening to music and different covers, so the title drew me in. The first cover I thought of was Miley Cyrus’s cover of Jolene by Dolly Parton. Cyrus had done a few covers of her favorite songs during The Backyard Sessions, and this is one I love. I had also watched the movie based on Dolly Parton’s life this past winter, and I was also remembering her amazing life story when choosing this song. Unfortunately, every version of her singing the original song was a faster tempo than the cover. I tried to slow down the original song, but Garageband doesn’t have the capability to change tempo of just one part of a recording.

So, I decided I had to choose a different cover. I chose the Pentatonix and Dolly Parton collaboration. Even though Dolly Parton is in both songs, the Pentatonix cover is very different from the original. It is a different pitch and tempo than the original and the lyrics only line up in the beginning of the song. Although the lyrics don’t overlap perfectly, I actually like the end result. The different pitches give an eeriness to the song in the beginning that I like because it makes the song sound more menacing, which is how I would sound if someone were trying to steal my man. I also like the gradual canon effect the song has as one version lags more and more behind. It sometimes seems like an echo which reminds me of the sorrow she must be feeling in this song. I also really like the very end of both songs, how they both fade into each other. I think this combined version shows the true hurt behind this song, instead of the more upbeat original version.

The first step is to open Garageband and select the voice option.

Then, either press the media button in the top right hand corner and select the songs to overlap, or click and drag them from the desktop into Garageband.

Once the two songs are in Garageband, line up the start of the songs so that the lyrics start at the same time. Just click and drag each orange audio box to move it. Use the vertical white line to decide where to start playing the audio from. This step will just be trial and error until both songs line up. 

Once the songs are lined up, the unneeded parts can be cut out. To do this, select the box to cut. Then, go to edit > split regions at playhead. This will break the audio box where the vertical white line is. Then, just click the unneeded boxes and hit delete on the keyboard.

Then click and drag both boxes back to the beginning of the recording. Go to file > save as and give the new recording a name. To change the file from a .band to .mp3 file click share > export song to disk and select the mp3 option on the pop-up screen and then click export to save as an mp3.

Rest In Peace, Charlie McHue

Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds.

Sound effect story on my SoundCloud

Charlie McHue was a NASCAR driver with a passion for speed. This made him one of the best racers of his time, but was always a sensitive spot in his marriage. His wife, Angela, didn’t like his career; she thought it was dangerous and, quite frankly, stupid. She didn’t understand the rush he got from racing and the simultaneous calm that washed over him on the constant turn of the wheel. He felt at peace on the track, while she was nothing but a ball of nerves watching him from behind his pit stop.

During Charlie’s last race of the summer season, he was up against one of his greatest competitors. Charlie knew if he won this race that he may win so much money that he would never have to work again. He vowed to himself to win this race at all costs so that he could make his wife happy and stop racing for good.

Charlie and his opponent were neck and neck throughout the whole race, until the last lap. Charlie pulled ahead ever so slightly, and had just crossed the finish line when his tire popped and sent him spiraling off the track. His car flipped four times and burst into flames. The whole crowd called out along with Angela’s scream. Charlie survived the crash, but had severe burns and many fractured bones. The ambulances rushed to the center of the track where Charlie’s car laid. He was pinned under the car and paramedics couldn’t get him free for about seven minutes.

Charlie was rushed to surgery and Angela waited in the hospital hallway, alone. After fours hours of pacing and worrying and biting her nails, the doctor came out to update Angela. There was severe internal bleeding and Charlie didn’t make it through surgery.

Angela was stunned; almost too stunned to cry. Charlie was all she had in this world and now he was gone. He had left her his winnings, but she would have given anything to have him back, and even racing if he wanted, she just wanted him alive.


For this 3.5 star assignment I thought it would be an easy(ish) way to ease myself into creating audio assignments. I used the recommended website for free sound effects. I am also using Garageband, because that is what I have installed on my Mac already. I am not very well versed in Garageband, so I configured this recording kind of unconventionally. I was pleased with the final product, especially because it was my first time using Garageband to make this kind of media. I would have liked the transitions between sounds to be more smooth, but I hadn’t quite figured that out yet. I may be kicking myself later for not using Audacity.

First, I thought of the story I wanted to tell. I then opened Garageband and clicked the voice option. 

That will take you to this screen.

I then went to and registered my free account. From there, I searched the sounds that are listed below. There are links to the ones I ultimately chose.

Instead of importing and trimming each sound (I didn’t know how), I had both Garageband and open in two separate windows. I started recording in Garageband (click the red circle button at the top) and then switched to and played the recording from where I wanted it to start.

When you want to stop recording, click the red circle button again. This will stop recording sound. You then need to press the square stop button to stop the recording from moving forward.

Click and drag the vertical white line to determine where you want each new recording to start. Once all the recordings are done, you can trim each section individually by selecting each box and clicking and dragging the edge of it to be as long as you want.  Then, choose file > save as and choose a name for your sound effect story.

Then upload to SoundCloud, or another audio sharing website. You can do this from Garageband by going to share > song to SoundCloud.