ICYMI: Magical Creatures Swarm Brooklyn Bridge After Loss of One of Their Own

After months of building and the help of unicorns, elves, and tools from Pandora’s box, the mermaid had successfully completed the bridge. She had gotten a potion from a fairy that allowed her to float up out of the water and work on the bridge, but to her dismay the water under the bridge had started to get cold. Soon enough, the water didn’t even flow anymore. The mermaid had not accounted for the winter. Where she was from they didn’t have winter. She was stuck on the bridge for months before the city thawed and she could swim back home. She should have listened to her father…mermaids aren’t architects.

This daily create was really fun. I got to get back into editing photos a little bit which was a nice change. I decided to combine the mermaid onto the Brooklyn Bridge and to do that I first searched for a picture of the bridge I liked to use as the background. I then searched “mermaid transparent” in Google. If you search for anything “transparent” it will give you a cut out image with no background. The reason I used a transparent image is so that when I imported the image into GIMP, it was already all cut out and all I had to do was move it around the canvas. I used this transparent mermaid image because it looked like she might be struggling, which is what I needed for this story.

You’re Making Me Nervous

Today’s daily create was very open ended, and I actually thought I was missing part of the directions. My first thought of being nervous was a drip of sweat running down someone’s head. I searched Youtube for a little to find  a video and decided I was going to have better luck with making a GIF. I remembered a Key & Peele skit where Peele sweats a lot during a nervous conversation with his girlfriend. So, I looked that up and made it into a gif like this. I think it is the epitome of nervousness. This is the clip the GIF is from, but be careful as it is not very safe for work.

One of Me is Enough

When I first saw the daily create this morning I wanted to do it but I was by myself, so I couldn’t. Now, at the (almost) end of the day, I found someone to help me finish cloning myself. I just showed the upper body so when the camera passed me I could duck down and pop up in front of it again without the camera capturing any of that motion. Also, the lighting is bad because it’s nighttime. I wanted to do a different face every time to show that I didn’t just photoshop myself three times onto a background. Just for clarification, I used the panorama setting on the iPhone camera. I was pleasantly surprised that the first attempt actually looked good. I don’t think it would be fun to have two clones, and I don’t think my mom would like it either.


A Sheep in Baby’s Clothing

First of all, I see the acronym ICYMI ALL THE TIME on Twitter and I could never figure out what it meant. So thank you daily create 1982, for showing me what I was missing. I think pictures that use TFW are usually really funny, so that’s why I decided to used it. I’m not sure if I was able to make anyone laugh because of this picture but it made me chuckle. I think the sheep’s face looks so resigned that everyone else has a baby and he is just forgotten at their feet (also, I hope that’s a sheep).

All I did was Google “classic art” and chose a picture I liked (aka this one). I posted the caption to Twitter with the original image, and I also cropped the original to include just the sheep up close.

Love Thy Neighbor

Today’s daily create reminded me so much of my last assignment. I am all for peace in the world (who isn’t?) and this playlist is a great idea to spread a little more joy around! I was originally going to choose Imagine by John Lennon because it was fresh in my mind from my other project, but someone had already posted that song. I ended up choosing What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I think that song is not only nice to listen to, but the message is great too. It is especially important in modern times to not lose hope for the world just because there are so many bad things going on. Armstrong’s song gives a great picture of the world, and although there is much wrong in the world there is also a lot of goodness. I am not saying disregard the bad, I’m just saying there is no need to feel hopeless when there are more good things than bad. Just look around at the trees of green and skies of blue 🙂

Nordic Ministers Summon Deep Sea Creature in Response to Trump’s Meeting with the Saudis

Today’s daily create inspired me to use Nessie as the thing being summoned. It only seemed natural because the Ministers were standing near the water, and Nessie’s native region is rather close by. I have also been binge watching How I Met Your Mother, and Marshall is a big believer in many unexplained phenomena, including Nessie. So thanks to Marshall, How I Met Your Mother, and the Nordic Ministers for allowing this daily create to come to fruition!

I made the gif of Nessie using gifs.com and the Marshall gif is from buzzfeed.


Yes, that is Beyoncé and Obama put together. I did my best, okay? Today’s daily create was something I had seen before on Youtube, but I never thought I could make an Obama lip dub video!! I was very excited to do this daily create, and Beyoncé seemed like a natural choice, given her amazing talent and fun lyrics. Here is Obama saying “I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.”

I encourage everyone to use Talk Obama To Me to create fun Obama videos. I’m glad someone made an website to make this an easy process.

Mixing Media

For this week’s first daily create I first took to Google for some inspiration. I know there is a crazy latte trend going on, and my search results were not disappointing. I stumbled across this photo and was immediately inspired to insert this latte into an actual pac-man game.

I then found a blank pac-man screen and used the tools in this tutorial to cut out the latte, paste onto the new background, scale, and move it to create the final product. I didn’t want to make it so small that the details would be lost, so that’s why it doesn’t fit perfectly on the screen.

This daily create showed me how much I have progressed since the first week of class, because GIMP was actually easy to use! I never thought I would type those words. A week ago I would not have known where to start with this daily create, but because of this class and the software I have been practicing this daily create took me about 5 minutes to complete. Thanks ds106 for giving me new skills!



Let Me Take a(n ASCII) Selfie

Today’s daily create was easy, fun, and unique. By using the website provided, the webcam is turned into an ASCII image automatically. This makes the process simple, as long as you don’t mind taking a picture of your face. The image made of text characters is interesting to look at, although not very detailed (which was fine with me for this morning selfie).  I included the painting in the background for a more interesting final picture. The title of this post and my tweet were inspired by the song by the same name (Let Me Take A Selfie).

A Day at the Beach

I am on vacation so when I saw today’s daily create was a picture from the beach, I thought it would be fitting to complete it. I first attempted to use GIMP, but it was being so finicky and I didn’t have time to waste, so I went ahead and used trusty old Powerpoint. I covered the previous writing with a white rectangle, then inserted a text box and made my own caption…that’s it! The hardest part about this daily create was thinking of a good caption. I think my caption was pretty good considering how much dedication 30 daily creates in a row would take.