Think Pink

I LOVE today’s daily create! My favorite color is pink so it was easy to show my “pink appreciation.” I had so many pictures of me dressed in pink. I included pictures from different points in my life to show how my appreciation for pink has never wavered. From my youngest days to just yesterday I wore pink. My notebook for this class is even pink! It is such a fun, uplifting color. I decided not to make a collage with more pictures because I wanted the Twitter platform to format them.

Keep Movin’

My motto for this week and for this daily create is “keep movin”. Dancing is such a fun way to express yourself. I chose the Horah as a dance that represents me. I feel a strong connection to my traditions and the Horah is a perfect embodiment of tradition and fun.


I used the same process to make this GIF as I explained in this blog post. For today’s daily create I got a little more creative and used some of the additional features the website offers, like adding text and stickers. Like I said before, I will definitely be making GIFs for future projects.

Don’t Call Me Maybe

For Friday’s daily create – Make a Song Boring – it took me a while to find a song title that I could make boring. I did start working a little earlier than usual this morning, so maybe that’s why my creative juices weren’t flowing. I picked a song (Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson) and then decided I needed to alter the cover art. So, I downloaded GIMP (finally).


The first step was to cross out the “Maybe” with the paintbrush tool, then create a text box to insert “Eh, actually don’t”. Then I tried to change the color of my text to match the existing text, but the tool for that wasn’t working (I was probably doing something wrong) so I just adjusted the color manually until I got it as close as I could to the original color. Then I saved the image and tweeted it! As this course goes along I hope to practice more with GIMP, and I think I will be doing a lot of photo manipulation with it for daily creates and other assignments.

Hats off to You

While procrastinating and realizing the week is almost over and I have only completed one daily create *shrieks*  I decided I must complete today’s task… and I had no inspiration. While looking at other people’s replies I realized, I want to crop something out of one picture and paste it onto another, but I don’t know how. So for now, a collage in PowerPoint will suffice. BUT WORRY NOT! I am seeking guidance from those who inspired me on what techniques and applications they used.

Using hats, color, Audrey Hepburn, and the author of this daily create, I present: “One of These Things is Not Like the Others”. Except I spelled it wrong on Twitter. Oops!

How to Stop Climate Change

#tdc1962 : My three wishes, in order of greatest to least importance.


  1. Stop and reverse the effects of climate change. I am very passionate about the earth and how humans are having such an adverse effect on it, and it is my ultimate goal in life to make some contribution to the reversing or slowing of climate change.
  2. Traveling the world is something I have always wanted to do. I have only been out of the country twice, and I hope that with study abroad opportunities and becoming more independent, traveling will be much more within my reach.
  3. Lastly, I wish to live on the beach. The beach is my favorite landscape. I find it very calming and I am my happiest self at the beach; it would be such a blessing to live there.

Sometimes I feel like the only way climate change can be solved is by magic, so I added the “impossible” GIF to represent just how difficult it will be to achieve these things. Nearly impossible.