ICYMI: Magical Creatures Swarm Brooklyn Bridge After Loss of One of Their Own

After months of building and the help of unicorns, elves, and tools from Pandora’s box, the mermaid had successfully completed the bridge. She had gotten a potion from a fairy that allowed her to float up out of the water and work on the bridge, but to her dismay the water under the bridge had started to get cold. Soon enough, the water didn’t even flow anymore. The mermaid had not accounted for the winter. Where she was from they didn’t have winter. She was stuck on the bridge for months before the city thawed and she could swim back home. She should have listened to her father…mermaids aren’t architects.

This daily create was really fun. I got to get back into editing photos a little bit which was a nice change. I decided to combine the mermaid onto the Brooklyn Bridge and to do that I first searched for a picture of the bridge I liked to use as the background. I then searched “mermaid transparent” in Google. If you search for anything “transparent” it will give you a cut out image with no background. The reason I used a transparent image is so that when I imported the image into GIMP, it was already all cut out and all I had to do was move it around the canvas. I used this transparent mermaid image because it looked like she might be struggling, which is what I needed for this story.

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