Love Thy Neighbor

Today’s daily create reminded me so much of my last assignment. I am all for peace in the world (who isn’t?) and this playlist is a great idea to spread a little more joy around! I was originally going to choose Imagine by John Lennon because it was fresh in my mind from my other project, but someone had already posted that song. I ended up choosing What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I think that song is not only nice to listen to, but the message is great too. It is especially important in modern times to not lose hope for the world just because there are so many bad things going on. Armstrong’s song gives a great picture of the world, and although there is much wrong in the world there is also a lot of goodness. I am not saying disregard the bad, I’m just saying there is no need to feel hopeless when there are more good things than bad. Just look around at the trees of green and skies of blue šŸ™‚

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