Mixing Media

For this week’s first daily create I first took to Google for some inspiration. I know there is a crazy latte trend going on, and my search results were not disappointing. I stumbled across this photo and was immediately inspired to insert this latte into an actual pac-man game.

I then found a blank pac-man screen and used the tools in this tutorial to cut out the latte, paste onto the new background, scale, and move it to create the final product. I didn’t want to make it so small that the details would be lost, so that’s why it doesn’t fit perfectly on the screen.

This daily create showed me how much I have progressed since the first week of class, because GIMP was actually easy to use! I never thought I would type those words. A week ago I would not have known where to start with this daily create, but because of this class and the software I have been practicing this daily create took me about 5 minutes to complete. Thanks ds106 for giving me new skills!



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  1. I thought this response to the Daily Create was especially creative. There is definitely a crazy latte trend going on lately and people are finding some strange things to put lattes in. I liked that you not only thought about putting a latte into a pac man game, but that you found a picture of a latte where the foam resembled pac man and one of the ghosts. Have you actually had a latte in any of the crazy vessels people are putting them in?

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