Year 19. Month 1. Day 21.

I am the head of surveillance at The Jenna Show. This is the video report log for year 19-month 1-day 21 during the time slot 1942-2041 hours. I have many people under my department, and we have on of the most essential jobs at the show. We make sure that everyone are in their positions when they need to be. In other words, when Jenna is around or approaching, we send the signal to stay in character.

There are cameras set up in disguise all over town and even more in the places Jenna frequents, like the coffee shop, bookstore, school, and her house. Some of the cameras masquerade as other objects, sometimes plants or light bulbs, but other times they are hidden in plain sight. There are cameras in Jenna’s house and school and some around town that look like security cameras.


This 4 star assignment is similar to what I did here. The techniques used would be the same for making a documentary and making this video here. I wanted to show a “behind the scenes” look into the show. Showing how the cameras are hidden, as well as in plain sight, is essential to the concept of the show. I also included the different perspectives here to show how Jenna (me) is always under surveillance from all angles.

The first step is to open a new iMovie. Click create then movie.

Next, import the media. Click the import media plus sign and select all the files to import, then click import selected.

Click and drag all the imported videos from the my media box down to manipulate them. If some clips are too long, they can be altered by navigating the playhead to where the clip should be cut. Then click modify > split clip. Then select the clip to discard and click the delete key.

To get the surveillance feel to the video I added a filter and time stamp to it. To add a filter go to clip filter & audio effects which looks like three overlapping circles above the video preview.

While a clip is selected, go to clip filter and choose Raster. Do this for every clip.

To add the time stamp, go to the Titles menu option. Then click and drag date/time onto the beginning of every clip.

After the video is finished, save it by going to file > share > file… and giving the project a name.

The last step is to upload the video to Youtube. Just log into your account and click the upload button, then choose the file to upload. Wait for the video to upload, then choose a thumbnail and hit publish.


Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Where do your shoes take you in a day? Tell a story using a video of only your shoes!

For my last assignment (4 stars) I decided to make a movie of everywhere I travelled in a day. This assignment caught my eye because I like to watch vlogs, which is basically a day on video. Mine was a more simplistic version of that including just my feet. The original assignment specifies shoes, but I was barefoot a lot of the time on the day I filmed and I decided that was just as good.

When I woke up we relaxed basically all morning and there wasn’t much footage of that. I started a puzzle, but quickly gave up on it. Then around one I headed out to the beach. I laid on the beach and read for about two and half hours, and was rudely interrupted by some guy who wanted to take our picture. I was actually shocked that he started talking to me because I was literally facedown in the sand reading a book. Rude.

Anyways, after the beach we went to the store for some pre-dinner appetizers. We came back and played a bunch of outdoor games like corn hole and Kan-Jam and had a nice happy hour. It was such a nice happy hour that we ate so much we didn’t have dinner until 9 pm.

Everyone had burgers and fruit, and then we hunkered down for the rest of the night and played games. We played truth or dare, Jenga, and lots of different card games. It was a very fun beach day, and luckily the only work I had to do was a daily create!

I created this video using iMovie. When iMovie is first opened, select create new > movie.

Select the my movie menu option and then import media.

Choose the files that will be included in the movie, the click import selected.

Drag and drop the imported files in the order you want them to appear to the lower section of the screen. To cut clips, move the playhead to where the cut should happen and select modify > split clip. That will split one clip into two, and then one can be deleted.

Once all the clips are in order, transitions can be added. A simple cross dissolve transition can be added by selecting the clip you want and clicking edit > add cross dissolve.

More complex transitions can be accessed by clicking transitions in the menu.

Once the video is done, it is time to add opening and closing credits. To do this select titles from the menu. Then choose an opening title you like. For the closing credits, choose scrolling credits.

I needed to cut the sound out of some of my clips, so I selected the clips individually and clicked modify > mute audio.

I then added background music. Go to audio > effects > theme music. Then click and drag whichever song you want onto the clips it should apply to.

To save the project go to file > share > file…

The last step is to upload the movie to Youtube. To do this, log into your Youtube account and click the upload button. Then select the movie and click upload. This may take a while! After it is done uploading select a thumbnail and click publish.

Then you are done!

How I Ended Up Here

Compile your favorite photos from your experiences, trips, hobbies etc and make them into a video. Try to organize them chronologically to tell your story as you work your way through college. Make the video at least two minutes.

This 4.5 star assignment was on the first page of video assignments for this week. I decided to do it because I love taking photos and I know I have a lot from my first year at college. I also thought it would be nice to have this video in the future to be able to look back on all the best memories I made during my first year of college.

Going to college was a very weird experience. There was so much freedom I had never experienced before and so much responsibility. I handled my workload pretty well, but making new friends was pretty hard at first. I knew a couple of people going into college (literally two people) but I wasn’t really friends with them. I usually ate breakfast alone, which to be honest I was perfectly fine with, because I am NOT a morning person. Lunch and dinner were trickier, because it seemed like everyone already had friends and I still didn’t really know anybody.

I eventually ate lunch with people I had classes with right before lunchtime and became better friends with them. I wasn’t good friends with my roommate, and while I ate with her at the beginning of school and did some stuff with her, we didn’t interact much. About a month had gone by and I didn’t have good friends. I had some really nice acquaintances, and I tried to hang out with them as much as possible, even if it was a little awkward at first.

I became really good friends with three people in my FSEM that lived in my dorm (FSEM served its exact purpose in our cases) and we hung out and ate together almost every day. I met my best friend in my FSEM class, and she introduced me to more people, and now we’re all rooming together next year. I honestly didn’t know anyone at the beginning of the year, and even a month or two into the year, that I would be comfortable rooming with. Now, I have so many new friends that I never would have had if it weren’t for UMW. If I could give one piece of advice to incoming freshmen it would be this: do not give up trying to make friends. It will take a while and you will feel lonely at the beginning. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! I have pictures to prove it 🙂

These directions work for Apple products. First, open the photos application. Then click projects > + > slideshow.

Create a title for the slideshow, click OK, and then select the photos you want. Once all the photos are selected you can choose a theme for the slideshow.

To change the order that pictures appear, just click and drag the photo you want to move to the place you want it to be moved to. To edit a picture in the slideshow, double click on the picture. This window will appear. When you are done editing click done.

To add captions to slides, select + > add text. Then just type directly onto the slideshow where the text box appears.

In order to get a closing slide in my slideshow, I made a Powerpoint slide with all the closing credits. I then took a screen shot of the slide by clicking command – shift – 4. Then insert it into the slideshow by navigating to the very last picture and clicking + > add photo.

To adjust the speed of the slideshow click the stopwatch icon and slide the custom bar until it is the total speed you want.

When you are happy with your slideshow, click export > save. Be patient while it exports the project. I saved mine in movies to later be uploaded to Youtube.

To upload to Youtube, log into your channel and click upload.

Then choose the movie you want to upload. Again, be patient. This will take a few minutes. Then you can choose a thumbnail and click publish.