Too Close For Comfort

Take a close up picture of something as see if people can guess what it is. Try doing the skin or outside of something that would make it hard for someone to guess!

The That’s Not What I Expected visual assignment (3 stars) grabbed my attention because of the cover photo it used in the description. I love photos where an ordinary object looks completely different because of an angle or how close or far away it is.



Although my photo isn’t the best quality (my iPhone can only do so much) I have never looked that closely at *SPOILERS AHEAD*¬†whole black pepper kernels. I thought that even though it’s rather obvious what the picture is, it is still a new perspective so I stuck with this. Another part of this assignment is to have classmates guess what the photo is. I decided to post on my twitter¬†asking people to respond, and I included the assignment tag and ds106. When people have responded to my tweet I will update this post linking to responses.


While there aren’t really any difficult instructions here is what I did:

  1. Look around to find something interesting to photograph
  2. Get as close as you can to said something interesting and take a picture of it. I actually ended up cropping my picture to make it appear closer because my phone couldn’t focus up close. Cameras shouldn’t have this problem.
  3. Upload the photo to Twitter and ask the twitterverse to let you know what it thinks!


While taking this picture I was searching my kitchen high and low for something unique that I could also get close to with my phone and have it still be in focus. All the while, my mom is taking a nap in the next room, so I had to be very quiet. I cannot say how many fruits, vegetables, and herbs I picked up and brought close to my lens testing to see if they would focus. None of them focused. I then tried to take an up close picture of a lit candle. Alas, I couldn’t get close enough to the flame for it to be a mystery without burning myself or my phone.

I was about to settle for an onion, when my eyes happened upon the pepper grinder. I thought “perfect!” and proceeded to to empty the whole kernels onto a paper towel. Mind you, my mom is still sleeping (she works very hard and deserves a nap every once in a while so I am trying to be quiet). After taking the picture I then had to return the pepper to its place. This was the hardest part of this assignment.

I am a very clumsy girl. Very. As I was shaping the paper towel into a funnel to expertly guide the pepper back into the grinder, I dropped them. Every last kernel scattered across the counter. I gasped. MOM! Don’t wake up! (Of course she didn’t wake up it was just a few pepper kernels) but to me, in our silent house, it sounded like several bombs had just gone off.