Homework…At The BEACH?!

I know, the title of this post strikes fear into the hearts of even the strongest women. But alas, taking a summer class means this sometimes. This week was tougher than last week because I was away for part of it, but I didn’t let that stop me from daily creating! Although there were more assignments that took longer for me than last week, I enjoyed them.

Each assignment this week was harder for me because of the amount of editing and manipulating photos I had to undertake, whereas week one was more of simply taking the photos. I did enjoy challenging myself and I am proud of what I accomplished and learned this week.

The two animated GIF assignments were really fun to do and relatively easy. The design blitz, on the other hand, was not. Easy, that is. I had to challenge myself to look for design concepts in real life around me. I frequently just forgot to be aware of the designs around me. Other than that, I enjoyed learning about the aspects of design and how they are applied. The Are We There Yet? assignment was the hardest of all the assignments this week. I had to use GIMP, which after several attempts has not gotten much easier to use. Note, it had gotten slightly easier. Just slightly. I actually had to restart that project 3 times because I kept making mistakes and couldn’t figure out how to undo. Oh well. I used Powerpoint a lot this week to edit more simply and put different logos together, which worked pretty well. I will continue to do that if I don’t need anything fancy from GIMP.

Overall, I learned a lot this week. Design has become something more comprehensible and noticeable to me. I have also learned that if I go on vacation again during this course, to finish most if not all of the week’s work before I go.

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