The Hardest Five Weeks of My Life

I took two online summer classes in this first five week semester. That was my first mistake. The first two to three weeks were stressful, especially because this class took up much more time every day than I had anticipated, more so at the beginning. I am grateful that this course has weekly due dates, or else I would have procrastinated, but it also made it hard to find time for my other course. I felt like I had to spend time every day on this course. However, after week three I found my footing and breezed through the rest of the course. This class moved much faster than I was prepared for. Each week’s assignments always seemed like too much to get done in one week. Obviously it can and has been done by many, but I had to experience the procrastination struggle for myself before I jumped into gear. Why would I listen to advice when I could just struggle?

I took this class to fulfill my last gen ed requirement, and I did not think about how much work it would actually be. Looking back I am really glad I got my last requirement out of the way in five weeks, but I don’t know if I would do it again. Luckily I was only working part time during this class, or I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it, at least not well. I was surprised about how much my digital skills improved over the course of this class. Before I had only edited pictures using Instagram, but now I can use GIMP, which to be  honest was very difficult for me to get used to. The daily creates helped me a lot during this class to practice using tools like GIMP and making GIFs. At first I thought of them as dreaded daily activities, but at the end I really liked doing some of them. I think I liked them more at the end because I became proficient at using the tools I needed. I also taught myself how to use GarageBand and iMovie. While iMovie is very self explanatory, GarageBand is NOT.  I read a few tutorials and spent hours playing around with different features. I would strongly recommend for people to use Audacity and just take the extra few minutes to download the applications you need. It will save hours in the end. Like I said, I cannot follow anyone’s advice, I have to make my own mistakes before I believe anyone.

I really enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and seeing how they completed assignments, blog posts, and how their blogs looked. I liked getting inspiration from them and different opinions from them on my work as well. I liked focusing on the four units we did. I thought they encompassed many different media and I learned a lot of new things. I learned the most about audio and design. The audio unit was fascinating and frustrating for me. I loved listening to the radio shows and learning about broadcast media, but completing audio assignments were difficult because of the software I used. The design week was challenging because I was away on vacation, but I also felt like that week had more assignments altogether than the other weeks. I felt like the design week helped me in the rest of the course the most because the concepts can be applied visually and through video.

Overall, I learned a lot during this course. I think my digital identity has been very expanded as I now have Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter, and Flickr accounts and know how to use them all. I am also grateful that this class pushed me to not only be creative, but also learn a bunch of new techniques and software that I can use in the future.

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