Watch Me Climb This Mountain

Creating a blog is the easy part. Customizing it is a whole other ball game.


I had a blog for another class last semester and we had to blog once a week. For this class I have blogged at least fifteen times this week, probably more. So, when I truly realized how much time would be spent looking at and editing this blog, I really wanted it to look good.


I started with this twenty seventeen theme, but this is the theme of my other blog and I wanted to go a different direction, so I switched to the twenty fifteen theme. I liked the simplicity of it, but as I blogged more and was adding a lot of photos I wanted my posts to be able to spread out more, and the twenty fifteen theme didn’t give me a lot of width. I then switched back to the twenty seventeen theme, and with the help of other people in this class I have successfully created a blog with a nice flow and aesthetic.


I interacted through my twitter with  a few people, but nothing of great importance.


Here are my comments from this week that helped me format my blog:


And a comment on a post I found funny:

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