This Is It.

For this last week I was inspired The Truman Show. Now, when I first started my project I forgot that’s what the movie was called and I named my own show and final project The Jenna Show. I did not realize this until after all my assignments were completed, and “The Jenna Show” was written in every one. I apologize for this inadvertent lack of creativity.

I wanted to take the original concept and switch it up to show the people behind the camera a little bit more. With each assignment I showed a different job or perspective of someone working for or watching the show. For a visual assignment I showed behind the scenes of marketing troubles and the realities of reality tv. Through video I gave insight into how the show was filmed and the type of people who film it. Using design I expanded on different people’s success from the show, and how it didn’t just affect Jenna. And lastly audio, my favorite piece to create this week, showed the uncertainty and fragility of the show as a whole.

I chose myself as the main character because I know myself better than anyone, and I also wanted to incorporate videos, and I knew I would be okay with being shown on Youtube and my blog. This last week has just been fun using all the tools and skills I learned the past month and trying to create my best work yet. I think the final was my favorite project to complete because it allowed me free range on what assignments I wanted to complete and it was the most fun I had creating a story. 

Looking back on this semester, I realized I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I also now appreciate how much I still have to learn. My media projects are all far from perfect, and I hope to continue working with a lot of the tools I used this semester in the future. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting a challenge, trying to fulfill an ALPP requirement, or trying to expand digital skills. I was looking for all three (okay, maybe I wasn’t looking for a challenge but I sure got it). If I could give one piece of advice to someone taking this class in the future it would be: DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY!! I did not listen to this and I struggled  and was very overwhelmed my first  few weeks. All in all, I am very pleased with how I completed this course and what it taught me.


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