Over Halfway Done…

Audio week was quite the experience. Trial and error became the name of the game for me. Garageband made me nervous, especially because Audacity was so heavily suggested, and no one else used Garageband! Although this week was a lot of listening, I enjoyed all the different perspectives and stories I heard. This week was more relaxed for me and it seemed like less work overall than the design week, which was a nice change of pace. I really liked learning more about radio and different audio techniques by listening to Ira Glass, Jad AbumradTED radio hour, and Scottlo, because those were things I hadn’t really paid attention to before. Moon Graffiti was very interesting to listen to and introduced me to a different type of storytelling I had not encountered before.

I definitely stepped up my interactions this week and I got a lot more feedback as well. Something I discovered in word press was the horizontal line feature, which I used to format my blogs throughout this week. I really like the way my blog posts look now! This week I completed three of the more difficult audio assignments: Sound Effects StoryCombining Covers, and Remix Song With Speech. I really enjoyed completing these assignments, but doing my first assignment with Garageband took about five times longer than it should have. Like I said, trial and error.

I had some struggles and triumphs this week, but I ultimately learned a lot and enjoyed gaining new skills. The daily creates this week (#tdc1976#tdc1977#tdc1978#tdc1979) were really fun, and some of them even matched the theme of assignments I was creating! I’m looking forward to next week and the new skills and knowledge it will bring me.

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