Recapping It

My fourth week in ds106…what a ride. This week was much easier than the previous three. I think the video assignments did take a while for me to edit, but since I only had to complete two worth eight stars it wasn’t too bad. The intro videos and background information also weren’t as time consuming as the other weeks. This was a nice final week and my previous experience from editing pictures and audio cam in handy while editing my videos. I actually just thought “hey, maybe that’s why the weeks are in this order.”

Two weeks during this course I was at the beach, which was really nice but also harder to find time to complete assignments. During the design week I was at the beach, as well as this week. This week was by far easier than the design week, which was really nice as it allowed me to relax.

I had a lot of fun completing this week’s assignments. I made a video of my college memories¬†and a video of my travels throughout the day. I learned a lot from Ebert and how to read movies. Reviewing the movie clip was a really good way to put that knowledge to use. I actually took a film studies class my junior year of high school, which helped me a lot this week. I was able to take my previous knowledge and apply it to this week’s lesson, and I think it gave me greater insight into reviewing the movie clip.

This week’s interactions were a little easier for me for some reason. Maybe it’s just a habit now. Last week I was really annoyed because on Sunday night after 10 pm I got like three or four comments on my blog from people doing last minute comments. I did not appreciate that because I kept getting notifications when I was trying to relax before bed, and I also think they were cutting it a smidgen close.

I had fun with this week’s daily creates as well.

Overall, this was my favorite week yet!

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